grid3.h 733 Bytes
#ifndef STIM_GRID3_H
#define STIM_GRID3_H

namespace stim{

template<typename T, typename F = float>
class grid : public stim::grid<T, 3, F>{


	/// Convert grid coordinates (integers) into world coordinates (F) based on the pixel spacing
	void grid2volume(size_t xi, size_t yi, size_t zi, F& x, F& y, F&z){


	/// Use linear interpolation to get a value from the grid at (x, y, z) in VOLUME space (based on voxel size)
	T lerp(F x, F y, F z){

	/// Create a resampled grid with isotropic voxel sizes
	grid3<T, F> resample_iso(){

		//find the smallest spacing
		//create a new grid of the appropriate size
		//use linear interpolation to resample the old grid into the new grid

}			//end namespace stim