hyperRaman.m 1.11 KB
function [im]=hyperRaman(filemask)

    filelist = dir(filemask);

    %get a list of date numbers
    datenums = cell2mat({filelist.datenum});

    %sort the file order based on acquisition time
    [~, id] = sort(datenums);

    %get the number of files
    T = length(id);                 %size of the image along transverse direction X, number of steps when scanned

    %load the first file to determine the spectral and Y-axis size
    temp = readspe(filelist(1).name);
    L = size(temp, 1);              %size of the image along longitudinal direction Y (laser line)
    B = size(temp, 2);              %number of bands in the image

    %create the cube
    outvar = zeros(L, T, B);

    %for each line
    for x = 1:T

        %read a SPE file
        img = readspe(filelist(id(x)).name);
        outvar(:,x,:)= permute(img, [1 3 2]);
    imagesc(outvar(:,:,150)), colorbar, axis normal, axis equal off
%     subplot(1,3,1),imagesc(outvar(:,:,151)), colorbar
%     subplot(1,3,2),imagesc(outvar(:,:,175)), colorbar
%     subplot(1,3,3),imagesc(outvar(:,:,291)), colorbar
    colormap inferno;