Issue #5 · created by Pavel Govyadinov

Error in biomodels/cellset.h

Sometimes when cellset::save(std::string filename) is called but the init_p3r hasn't been called line 189 tried to check whether an index outside of the array leading in a segfault (ip.size=3 and the algorithm tries to check whether ip[3] != NULL).

Not sure here, but I think it should check whether ip.size > 2 and then check for the NULL value. Since it is possible that we never added radii, or that we've added radii, but haven't added a radius for that point.

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    Pavel Govyadinov @pgovyadi

    But this happened in StackTrace application when Laila was working on it, so maybe we'll need to talk about it? I fixed it temporarily in her code, but not sure how you'd like to handle it in the future.

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