Broadband Interactive Mie Simulation - This software is simulates and visualizes Mie scattering through spheres using GPU-based parallel computation. – README.md


BIM-Sim computes the interactions between an incident electromagnetic field and spherical scatterers using Mie theory.

A Windows 32 executable is provided in the Win32 directory. All of the necessary runtime libraries are included. Start by running 'ricalc -h' for command-line options.

This software is designed to be used with CMake, so we recommend using it to build the application.

This software requires the following libraries for compiling:

CUDA (including CUFFT and CUBLAS) - NVidia's GPU programming toolkit -- https://developer.nvidia.com/

RTS - Real-Time Scraps C++ library (my codebase) -- https://github.com/dmayerich/RTS

Boost C++ Library (specifically the Program Options library) -- http://www.boost.org/

Qt (Nokia's GUI Library) -- https://qt-project.org/