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This software provides a Python-based GUI for the parallel Multi-Sphere T-Matrix software proposed by Dr. Daniel Mackowski and Dr. Michael Mishchenko in:

Mackowski and Mishchenko, "A multiple sphere T-matrix Fortran code for use on parallel computer clusters," Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 112: 2182-2192, 2011.

If you use this code for research, please cite the above publication.

This software is designed to be used with CMake, so we recommend using it to build the application. The original Fortran code and instructions are available at After building, you can run the GUI python script (

The MSTM application requires a Fortran compiler and OpenMP.

In addition, the GUI requires:

Python --

Qt4 (user interface library) --

PyQt4 (Python library for Qt4) --

matlibplot (Plotting library for Python) --

These are available through most Linux package managers and can be downloaded individually for Windows systems at the listed websites. If they are installed through Linux, CMake will probably find them. Windows users may have to point CMake to the installed locations.