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SIproc is written using C++ and compatible with both CMake ( and the vcpkg ( package manager.

STIM ( is also required.

Step-by-step instructions (Windows):

1) Download and install CMake ( 2) Download and install Git ( 3) Download and install vcpkg (

    git clone
    cd vcpkg

4) Install the required packages:

    vcpkg install boost:x64-windows
    vcpkg install glew:x64-windows
    vcpkg install freeglut:x64-windows
    vcpkg install clapack:x64-windows

5) Clone SIproc:

    git clone

6) Run CMake, and select the cloned siproc directory and your choice of build location 7) Configure the build environment: a) Click Configure b) Select your preferred build environment (ex. Visual Studio) c) Set the platform to x64 d) Select the option to Specify toolchain file for cross-compiling e) Click __ Next__ f) When asked, provide the vcpkg toolchain file in:

    [vcpkg directory]\scripts\buildsystems\vcpkg.cmake

g) Assuming no errors were encountered, click Generate 8) Click Open Project to open your build environment 9) Build the project (ex. Visual Studio's Build Project)